FB09 Geography of Social Media and Digital Cultures

Welcome to the website of the team "Geography of Social Media and Digital Cultures"!

Our research currently focuses on three topics, which we investigate from the perspective of economic and anthropogeography, primarily using qualitative social research methods:

User Innovation and communities: digital media enable the networking of people across vast physical distances and thus support the emergence of new forms of communities. We are interested in the creative potentials as well as possibilities and forms of knowledge generation as well as economic utilization in such "communities of interest".

New places for work and creativity: Digitization is fundamentally changing our working world. Project work can be organized in largely virtual teams. Nevertheless, places for work are not becoming superfluous. On the contrary, we are observing and researching the emergence of places, such as "coworking spaces", that are specifically tailored to the needs of digital workers.

Crises: The analytical examination of crises is more relevant than ever. What characterizes a crisis? How do crises unfold in time, but also in space? Which groups of actors are relevant to crisis management and how is crisis processing organized (spatially)? Digital communication plays an increasingly important role in both crisis perception and crisis management, which we are investigating in our research.

Image source: Bracht, F. (2020): Interconnected light fixture. Internet: https://unsplash.com/photos/_z0DiiaIhB4 (06.11.2020).


New publications (selected):

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